Help Support FV!

This website is accepting donations to help fund the continuance of Formula Vee in the US and North America - primarily SCCA related, but extending to all aspects of FV as most use the SCCA GCR as a basis. The funds will be used to support FV Committee efforts via input from the community. Other uses would be for funding certain aspects of FV group type events such as the 50th (and future) FV Anniversary.

Ultimately, the decisions of exactly how to spend this money will be decided by the FV Ad Hoc Committee - a 'self commissioned' group of active and avid FV racers. We will endeavor to provide the best use for the money possible. In the event that this Committee becomes insolvent, the funds will handled by the manager(s) of this site as long as it exists. At such time as I loose interest (not likely) and I can't find anyone to take over running this site, I'll pass any funds (assuming there ARE any) on to whomever I deem the most appropriate FV based entity at the time.

Routine Committee reports will be posted on the main forum for US FV, the Interchange, or wherever that might go in the future - and any other methods that we have available, including direct emails to the FV Registry especially when direct input is requested (make sure you sign up in the Registry!).

Please donate what you can easily afford (under $100) - we don't want any one person to shoulder too much $$$ burden (but I'm not LIMITING donations - just suggesting it J).

Since Paypal will 'steal' a portion of these donations, please don't make donations less than $10, but the only alternatives to PayPal involve more WORK on both of our parts. OH .. and if you do have a current paypal account with a balance, if you 'SEND MONEY' (to") from your account to mine rather than clicking the button below, paypal won't steal part of it. Thanks, Stevan Davis - FV80, webmaster